Frequently Asked Questions


What is Reiki? What can I expect from a Reiki Attunement?

Reiki is a holistic healing method that focuses on your mental, spiritual and physical self and well being. Reiki uses the Life force energy from the universe to restore light and balance within the body as well as balancing and reigniting the chakras. The idea is that all things, living and nonliving are connected by an energy field with a distinct energy compound. We are all connected, regardless of how far apart we may be.

Energy healings differ from person to person. Which means that every individiual has their own unique experience. 

You can expect a "spiritual detox" in a sense, 24 to 48 hours after your attunement. Some clients can feel the energy pass through certain areas of their body. You may get tired, a slight headache or desire fluids.

Do I have to fast prior to my healing session?

Fasting is not a requirement prior to Reiki. However, you do want to make sure that you aren't using food to mask certain issues/moments that you are having. 

It is recommended that you eat and hydrate properly prior to any in person or distance attunements. 

What should I do during my scheduled distance healing session? Do I have to be awake?

The beauty about distance Reiki attunements is that you are allowed to be in a comfortable state - even if that mean that you are asleep. 

I recommend being in a relaxed state, meditating, in a self love bath or asleep. Anything that keeps your crown and spirit open to accepting what the life force energy is offering for your greatest and highest good.

**IF you decide to schedule your appointment during your work hours, that is okay too. Just try to keep your spirit at ease, relaxed and open to accepting reiki. 

Is it possible to order Custom Jewelry?

Almost anything on the site is available for custom order - except for attunements and readings. There are a wide variety of colors, crystals and wiring available. 

If you are looking for jewelry customized with a specific intention - fertility, protection, love, clear mind etc. Just submit a form on the contact page and together we can create your vision. 

All of the crystals are so pretty, which one is best for me?

Each type of healing crystal has its own unique healing properties. Crystals can amplify positive energy, protection, prosperity, love, self confidence and many more. Crystals can assist with balancing the chakras and attracting new possibilities. Crystal healing can affect different physical ailments as well as  treating different organs.

The healing crystal where created to bring balance to the specific areas of your life that you may feel is unbalanced. If you are looking for a specific set, that is not listed, email us, we can customize any set.

I'm looking for a specific type of crystal set, but I don't see it, what do I do?

The sets are constantly updated and rotated, if you're looking for a custom set that is not currently in stock or on the site, contact us and let us know. The goal is to offer both raw and tumbled crystal sets and individual crystals. 

We've done a lot of research and meditation to ensure that the crystal sets sold, resonate well with our clients. Our purpose is to make sure that every stone is carefully selected for our client's highest and greatest good. We want to assist you with amplifying different areas of your life by offering sets for chakra balance, stress relief, the work place, relationships, relaxation and more.