Our Services


Energy Healing Sessions

Reiki healing is a form of energy healing used by channeling the spiritually guided  life force energy, to heal a client's body., mind and soul. The practitioner channels energy from the universe into the body of the recipient to allow them to be charged by positive  to help restore emotional, physical and spiritual well being. Depending on the type of reiki session you choose, healing crystals, can be added to increase the amount of life force energy used in your experience. By creating personalized crystals grids that focus on your intention and needs. 

Clients experience reduced stress, chakra balance, mental clarity, improved quality of sleep. 

Energy Healing sessions are available via distance reiki and in person if you are local OR if I will be in your area.


Spirit Readings

We specialize in spirit messages, Oracle and Tarot readings.  Depending on the messages that comes through for you at that time. Oracle cards are special messages and reminders from your angels or spiritual guides. Sometimes, we just need a small confirmation to push in the right direction. Tarot readings are the more traditional routes, Tarot readings can assist with showing the possibility of the future IF you do nothing, or if life continues on as it is. Tarot readings are meant to help you come in contact with your higher self.

 If you're uncertain of what you may need, free to contact us prior to scheduling. 



Healing Crystals

Each crystal has its own unique healing properties. Whether its physical, emotional or spiritual healing characteristics. Each crystal has the vibrational frequency to cleanse, release or balance a chakra or multiples at one time. Crystals can add balance, restore peace, help with the release of negative emotions, attract abundance and wealth, restore love to broken relationships, open one's heart, etc. 

Once you receive and cleanse your crystals, whether with salt water, sage or burying them **Check the type of crystal before selecting a cleansing

method**. Clear them of any additional energies and properties they may carry in their travels and set the stone's intentions.

Studying crystal reiki, has assisted with our abilities to be more in tune to the natural healing properties and energies that are emitted by each individual crystal. Through research we have been able to create crystals sets that are meant to assist with creating chakra balance, more love, peace and productivity at work, abundance and prosperity and much much more. If you're looking for a set that is not yet listed, contact us.